• 1 Meditation & Yoga Retreats in UK and Spain in 2024
  • 2 Conscious Breathing Workshop, to achieve a psyco-physiological coherence
  • 3 Enneagram Workshop, oriented to self knowledge and self development
  • 4 Scientific research on how meditation and breathing produces positive effects on heart rate
  • 5 Spiritual Heart meditation retreat to reconnect with your Inner Self
  • 6 Conscious Creation Workshop,T design and manifest the life you want!
  • 7 Vipassana Meditation Retreat, learn to meditate and self heal yourself
  • 8 Life and conscious death workshop to increase your level of consciousness
  • 9 Spiritual expedition to Tiahuancu and Lago Titicacain Bolivia
  • 10 Spiritual expedition to the Uritorco mountains in Cordoba, Argentina
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Expeditions

Workshops focused on personal development and intuitive intelligence

imageAll DHRIM foundation workshops have an experiential teaching methodology so that participants can learn very quickly and put in practice personal development techniques learned at the course, while expanding your level of consciousness and develop your connection with your Inner Being or Higher Self (intuition).

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10 days Retreats to learn how to meditate and reconnect with your Inner Self

imageRetreats suitable for all types of people with and without experience, where they learn experientially how to purify the subconscious mind, heal from diseases and discover the true essence of our Inner Being.

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Expeditions to power places to excel meditation de and rise consciousness

imageOn the planet there are energy centers or places of high frequencies that amplify our meditation work and raise our frequency, which can enhance our spiritual development . Every year, we visit Tiahuanacu and Lake Titicaca in Bolivia and depending on the group preferences, also other expeditions are organized.

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Meditation Retreats
10 days retreats to learn how to meditate.

Meditation Retreats designed to learn from scratch, available for everyone without previous experience or intermediate level, personalized, in small groups.

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A learning option over internet


Online encounters for different activities

Online Groups
Practical Workshops over the weekend!

We organize these workshops for people, groups, organizations, etc. in several cities.

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