There are places that are Earth's Energy Points , and are so intense that they allow us to connect with the divine, just being there. These spiritual places have deep energies that make sensitive people experience incredible connections.

The Earth has, like us, its own energy centers or chakras. Everything is a mirror. Within us there is a Universe, around us there is a Universe and we are all connected to Mother Earth through the subtle electric current that runs around the entire planet. These electric currents are known as " Ley Lines " and are something like Mother Earth's veins, which curl around the planet in a similar way to DNA strands.

These lines of Law intersect at certain points, which are considered sites of very high energy or high concentrations of electric charge, and that is where most of the scientific anomalies occur.

The exact points of intersection are "coincidentally" the site where some of the world's most iconic temples and monuments are erected, including the Egyptian pyramids, Machu Picchu, Stonehenge and Angkor Wat. It seems that ancient civilizations could understand the power of these energy currents.

The points of the chakras or energetic vortices grant a wealth of possibilities for humans to align and expand their consciousness. They represent the collective frequencies, the "higher self" of the network of microcosmic bodies and their energy fields .