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The DHRIM Foundation mainly conducts practical face-to-face courses and meditation retreats focused on energy purification and awareness raising.


NOTE: Mostly, depending on the country, meditation retreats and courses are organized based on donations at the end of the event, asking the beneficiaries to only cover the direct costs of the event initially. That is, a confirmation deposit is generally requested to cover the costs of the place and in the end donations are received.

Main Activities

The DHRIM foundation mainly focuses on educational activities (courses, retreats, talks, etc.) that promote the awakening of consciousness.

What we do best?

We develop practical and effective educational methodologies to transmit spiritual knowledge in an experiential way.

  • Constructivist teaching methodology
  • Supported on scientific research
  • Teachings based on self experiences

How do we structure the events?

We use a methodology based on the Enneagram, integrating in all events (courses, retreats, talks, excursions, etc.) experiential teachings, that is, that the beneficiaries use the teachings in a practical way and can develop their learning experientially.

Today, almost all spiritual experiences and knowledge have a proven scientific foundation thanks to the advances in quantum physics and the exponential increase in research in the field of spiritual development that we use to complement the teachings in our events.

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Experiencial and practical workshops created with the constructivist model.



Plublic talks to transmit useful and practical spiritual knowledge to all.



Meditation retreats to learn to free from negative subconscious patterns of the mind.


Other Activities

Yoga, martial arts, expeditions, volunteering, meditation groups, etc.


Would you like to organize an activity with DHRIMf?

We can organize ourselves to travel to your city to organize an event!

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