Let's Organize and Event!Opportunities to Organize an Event!

Let's organize an event?

Do you want to organize a course, retreat or other activity with us? let's do it!

Many Opportunities

Let's take the opportunity to serve the community by helping to raise their awareness!

  • That people discover and strengthen their connection with their Inner Being!
  • That the participants become more aware of the essentials of life!
  • That they improve their quality of life and positively influence their surroundings!

Let's take the opportunity to organize a course, retreat or other event in your city! If there is a group of people who are interested in receiving the teachings, we can coordinate some dates for one or two of the facilitators to travel for this event.

The Foundation seeks to spread the knowledge of practical personal development techniques to raise awareness in people! Support us with this initiative!

To organize an event it is necessary to take into account some factors that will be analyzed with one of the Foundation's coordinators. Having an idea of ​​these points will help us to organize faster:

  1. Name and type of event to be organized.
  2. City and Country to determine distances and travel times.
  3. Estimated dates for the event.
  4. Estimated group size, ideally more than 10 people.
  5. Estimated costs: rental of the place, accommodation, snacks, transportation, etc.
  6. Estimated cost for each participant. Evaluate if it is feasible.

There are times when an organization wishes to provide a specific course or retreat for its workers, here there is the possibility of opening the event to individuals so that the costs are diluted among more participants.

The courses and retreats organized by the Foundation are designed for groups of no more than 30 participants. In the cases that are more, it will have to be divided into two or more groups to maintain the quality of teaching.

All courses and withdrawals organized by DHRIMf include the following:

  • Talks organized from a scientific perspective.
  • Educational brochure with all the information of the course / withdrawal.
  • All practices and exercises performed in digital format to share.
  • Access to teaching material on our website.
  • Certificate of Participation endorsed by DHRIM Spain.

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