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How do we organize the questions and answers?

Below is a list of more general common questions and answers about the Foundation. Besides, in the menu on the right, lists of questions and answers are organized by event. If it is not found in this menu, you can find it on the page of the event you are looking for.

  • The questions are collected from the same beneficiaries.
  • The answers may be incomplete for someone who did not participate in the event.
  • Enter the beneficiary area to access more detailed questions and answers.


  • What means DHRIM? +

    DHRIM has two meanings. It is a mantra sound for the Heart chakra that when repeating it many times, it activates unconditional love and compassion from the Heart. Also, DHRIM means "Development of Human Resources & Inner Management".
  • What DHRIM focuses on? +

    The DHRIM Foundation is focused on any educational activity, oriented to adults and teenagers, focused on raising their level of consciousness, by activating their inner connection with the Self of Spiritual Heart. All workshops, retreats and other events are focused on teaching participants to achieve more peace and happiness in their lives.
  • How DHRIM Foundation started? +

    The DHRIM foundation arises from the need that is perceived in several organizations to solve the problems of staff development that generally focused on technical issues to improve the skills of workers but neglecting their spiritual development. Due to this need, we began to create talks and courses with practical techniques of meditation and breathing achieving great success in the performance of the staff. In 2012, these workshops and retreats were made available to the general public, having a lot of positive results among beneficiaries who are the ones who keep asking for more events and referring us to other people.
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