Contributions for DHRIM Foundation

We thank you very much for the donation or contribution you make to DHRIMf so that we can organize many more events and reach more people!


We thank you very much for your donations

All donations we collect are helping to sustain the volunteer work of many people that organizes and delivers workshops, retreats and other events!

Money is an energy of gratitude, for the work and efforts that we are doing for the benefit of many people! We thanks your donation and we will continue helping people raise their consciouness level and help them reconnect with their true Self!

Your donation could be provided in different ways:

  • With credit or debit card to: DHRIMf Donations
  • Through your Paypal account to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Transfer or deposit to the Bank Account of DHRIM España. If you have a Spanish bank account, you can use InesPay free of charges.
    • Banco Bankia S.A., IBAN ES90 2038 6520 0760 0015 3785
    • BIC Code: CAHMESMMXXX, Cuenta en Euros
    • Address: Urb. El Rodeno # 370, Segart, Valencia 46592, España
    • Legal Name: DHRIM España
    • Tax ID number: G40551632
    • Tel: +34 660391600
  • Transfer or deposit to the bank account of DHRIM Bolivia.
    • Banco Bisa S.A., Cta Nr. (en Bs.) 363750-401-0; (en US$) 363750-501-6
    • Address: Sucre St. # 586, Tarija, Bolivia
    • Legal Name: DHRIM Bolivia
    • Tax ID Number: 253669010
    • Tel: +591 78033684
  • Bitcoins donations (See widget to the right top side of this page)

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