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Online events

Meetings, courses, retreats, sessions and other events are organized online depending on the group of people that are interested.

  • Many of the course and retreat participants want to meet and continue practicing, learning and sharing.
  • Some beneficiaries want to continue consulting in a personalized way.
  • There are people who cannot reach the events, so they can participate via internet!

Being able to participate in the Internet of some activity in real time is a great advantage for those who cannot participate because they are far from any event. There is the possibility to participate in real time of an event that is taking place somewhere and to participate in an activity that occurs only online.

With the activities we organize online you meet people from other cultures, other countries; Online meetings are very rich with very diverse personalities!

The activities that are only organized on the internet have an emphasis on the interaction of the participants, so there are mainly real-time meetings.

Online courses and retreats include the following:

  1. Meetings in real time by Skype.
  2. Educational brochure with audios and support videos.
  3. Practices and exercises carried out in groups to share.
  4. Access to all teaching material on our website.
  5. Certificate of Participation endorsed by DHRIM Spain.

Would you like to participate over internet?

All events are available on the internet for those who cannot attend!

If we manage to make a group of at least 7 people, we can make the event!

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Take advantage of our online sessions!

Personal sessions are set with different DHRIMf facilitators depending on the needs of the beneficiary!


Would you like to participate on one of our events over internet?

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