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Meditation Groups

Let's help raise the level of awareness of a particular community.


Group meditation generates strong energy intentions in favor of peace and harmony of a place, a community, an organization, etc.

  • The power of a group of meditators is scientifically proven.
  • Meditation groups are organized for different purposes, all for peace.
  • Everyone benefits positively: the meditators and the community.

Meditation has so many advantages that it has become very popular. With meditation, our quality of life improves greatly and, over time, the benefits increase continuously.

If meditation alone generates so many positive benefits, imagine the power it would have if you meditated in a group! The intention of all meditators is enhanced!

Generally group meditations tend to be more intense. Perhaps because of this, the benefits of group meditation are palpable from day one. It is convenient to have moments of solo meditation and also have regular meetings with one or several meditation groups.

Group meditations generate an energy field that is much more powerful than the sum of the meditators, a lot of synergy is generated.

Group meditations have the same effects as prayer groups, both direct the energy towards a common intention for the benefit of a positive situation.

The meditations that are carried out by DHRIM Foundation focus on the awakening of the consciousness of the Being (Spiritual Heart). By focusing in the inner connection with the divinity or God in ourselves, we are carrying out a process of purification of the subconscious ( dissolution of negative subconscious patterns), that in turn, it affects positively the collective unconscious of a society with which we interact on a day-to-day basis. In other words, we are helping to heal a community, city or country by focusing on healing ourselves. This is because we are connected and with the practice of meditation we realize that we are all part of a whole, united.

We do not focus on the dual scheme of two forces fighting each other (good versus evil) in which we seek to change the negative energies expressed in a group of "politicians" for example. Rather, we seek the integration of the shadows expressed in the environment through the recognition that we are part of God, above duality, raising our frequency from the third to the fifth density.

Let's Help Raise the Level of Consciousness!

In 1993, Dr. Hagelin and his team of 4000 practicing meditators to meditate every day, achieved a distinctive and statistically significant drop in crime compared to expected rates based on previous statistical data. The result was impressive for many people!