Tuesday´s Group Meditation

Meditate with us every week live on Tuesday!

We connect online with Zoom to meditate at 19:00hrs (UK time)


Meditation Group Every Tuesday 19:00hrs UK time...

Every Tuesday we meet online over Zoom to benefit from a guided meditation. Participants propose a meditation that has not been done before and we prepare it for the next session. All these meditations are available for download on our courses and retreats web pages; the meditations are organized by topics. Below we provide 3 basic meditations for you to start learning our meditation style and be ready four our live meditation session, it will be much easier for you when you participate next Tuesday.

Our spirituality grows as we reconnect with our Inner Being and dissolve the negative patterns of our subconscious mind, which are like clouds that do not let the rays of the sun pass through to earth. Best wishes!

Download the basic guided meditation sessions to learn how to relax, purify the subconscious mind and reconnect with your Inner Self!

Anapana: 11 minutes audio to relax using a conscious breathing. Download!

Vipassana: 50 minutes audio to learn and practice a scanning of the body meditation style. This technique helps purify the subconscious mind. Download!

Spiritual Heart: 30 minutes audio to learn how to reconnect with your Intuitive Intelligence. Download!

To participate in this meditation group, you need to access our whatsapp group to receive the Zoom session details as well as the audio recordings for the talks and meditations.
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Download past meditations by visiting the following webpages!

  1. Meditations related to the Spiritual Heart Retreat.
  2. Meditations related to the Meditation retreat.

All available meditations have been created to help people awaken their connection with their Higher Self or Inner Self. You can share all these meditations among your relatives, friends and colleagues at work! The more people can practice, the more we raise our collective consciousness!

It is recommended a daily meditation practice at least once a day, ideally twice (early morning and at night before going to sleep).

Time schedule for Zoom meetings:

On Tuesdays we have one session in English and 2 other sessions in Spanish language:

19:00-19:40hrs UK. (English language)

Take 5 hours for USA East coast.

13:00-13:40hrs y 16:00-16:40hrs Spain. (Spanish language)

07:00-07:40am y 10:00-10:40am Bolivia-Paraguay-Chile-Miami (USA) (Spanish language)

Meditation Courses & Retreats:

Take advantage of our meditation retreats and courses. We have 3 and 10 days retreats in Spain, UK and Bolivia. Also we have a 3 days online meditation retreat and a 7 week online meditation course. (more info!)

Any questions you may have, write us on WhatsApp to

+34 642 06 40 14 (Spain), +44 79 03 12 10 24 (UK), +591 780 33684 (Bolivia).

"Meditation will bring Light to your heart. So meditate, meditate, meditate. Meditation brings you to the highest state of divine knowledge and eternal joy. So meditate, meditate, meditate. " Swami Sivananda

10 Days Meditation Retreat


An intense Meditation Retreat in a beautiful warm place just outside Valencia city. You can do the 3days retreat or continue to complete the 10 days retreat! You will purify a lot of your subconscious mind and learn very much on how to meditate!"

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Meditation Retreat in Spain!

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Online Meditation Course


An excellent 7 weeks online meditation course to learn meditation in a very practical way"

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Online Meditation Course!


Let's Organize a Retreat!

There is the possibility of organizing a retreat somewhere you know!

The retreat can be covered entirely by donations or partially covering direct costs ...

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A Unique Online Meditation Course!

Beneficiaries of this course learn very well how to meditate and apply several meditation technologies into their lives for themselves and/or to help others!


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