Kalyani Yoga Retreat5 Days Yoga Retreat

Learn to Live Better with Yoga!

Yoga knowledge and techniques to purify the mind and heal the body.


You learn different yoga techniques for your daily life that will lead you to have better health, greater vitality and lower levels of stress in your daily life.

  • You learn experientially how the body-mind relationship works.
  • You have very effective meditation techniques to calm and heal the mind.
  • You purify yourself of negative patterns of the subconscious.

The yoga we offer is hatha yoga and Hridaya yoga classes, which suit everyone. Yoga sessions are specially designed for all levels, totally new to yoga or with many years of experience in yoga practice. Our morning yoga classes are inspired by the Sivananda yoga tradition, and we adapt it to each person, providing individual attention and giving clear instructions to make it easier for you to follow the classes.
In this retreat everyone will find your own yoga practice, always listening to your body's needs; You will also take advantage of detoxifying your body and your mind to get the benefits of healthy eating, meditation and yoga. Your body will be more flexible, you will feel lighter and your mind will be calmer. You will develop more concentration and strengthen willpower.

You will also learn different meditation and breathing techniques so you can apply them when you are back at home or at work. In this yoga retreat, you will wake up and / or strengthen your internal connection with your true Self or intuitive intelligence that we all carry within. This retreat consists of an intensive process of an exceptional transformation of your knowledge that will take you to a deeper level of consciousness.

The program:

From Friday 5:00 pm until Wednesday 18: 00hrs

♥ Basic comfortable room, own or shared, with private bathroom in a country house, which includes bed linen, bath towels, beach towels and toiletries.
♥ All delicious and healthy meals , vegetarian / vegan
♥ Unlimited fruits, mineral water, herbal tea.
♥ 2 yoga sessions per day
♥ Daily guided meditation in the morning
♥ Yoga mats, yoga belts and blankets
♥ Magnificent gardens, large sunny terraces
♥ Yoga books to read during your free time at the Retreat.
♥ Free Wi-Fi
♥ Time to relax in the afternoon and explore the beautiful surroundings or rest and relax

Meeting place:

Beautiful Finca located in nature, in isolation, in a peaceful environment. The energies that surround it are special and wonderful.

The maximum number of guests in the group is 15, staying in rooms with single and double beds.

Price includes:

  1. Five full days of multiple meditation sessions.
  2. Two daily Yoga sessions with Kalyani
  3. Accommodation in double rooms for 5 nights (if you need additional accommodation, inform us).
  4. Guided meditations and personalized support, training, exercises and other programs.
  5. Talks organized by Kalyani.
  6. Educational brochure with all the information about the retreat.
  7. Individual coaching every day.


550 euros plus a donation

Date :

May 20-25, 2020

Registration and teacher info:

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Insta: Kalyani_yoga_

FB: Kalyani yoga

Registration requirements:

Minimum deposit of € 200 required to register.

Cancellation policy:

You can cancel your registration up to one month before the event. The deposit is non-refundable, but you can always transfer to another event.


Early booking price! Save 50 euros if you book 3 months before (valid until 02/28/2020 or until cancellation)

Take advantage of this Yoga Retreat!

People who take this retreat really learn to resume a better way of living, really experiencing several benefits in just 5 days. Many manage to wake up or reactivate their connection with their Inner Being!