Light Body Meditation Retreat7 Days Meditation Retreat

Removal of the Body of Light

We learn to activate our Light Body.


Accelerate the process of ascending and connecting Interior!

  • Learn many practical techniques to live from the heart.
  • Beginning of a new stage of purification of the mind and body.
  • Understand much more what spiritual life consists of.

The preparation has already begun, because if you read these lines, your soul is open for this change to happen. The birth itself takes seconds. However, when change occurs, as with any newborn, this body is weak and needs time to integrate. Your whole being and energy system must adapt to this new body of Light. That's why it takes seven days. Then we will prepare for a future life and return to society with enough strength.

After the process, your life is likely to change as you go through a new birth. New skills may arise, you will find satisfaction, you will shine inside and out and wherever you go, you will shine a light that will also bring changes for your family.

In this meditation retreat of the Body of Light, in addition to learning to meditate, you will wake up and / or strengthen your internal connection with your true Self or intuitive intelligence that we all carry within. This retreat is an intensive process of an exceptional transformation of your knowledge that will take you to a deeper level of consciousness.

The program:

From Monday 9:00 am to Sunday 18: 00hrs

  • "Birth Ceremony" of Light Body with the help of Adrienn
  • Every day, we do some workouts, exercises, controlled integration of the new body of light.
  • We learn about conscious movement.
  • There will be 3 hours of yoga in 7 days, also excursions, fast walks, running and jogging. Except on day 3, when we spend the whole day in silence, on this day there will be no training.
  • Every day meditation.
  • Integration of the new body of light, workshops on the subject.
  • Possibility of individual conversations with Adrienn
  • Align the mind with the new body.

We will fast during the program, preparing for the arrival of the new body of Light. The third day will be a day of silence.

Day 1: water consumption only, Day 2-3-4: water consumption only or dry fasting.

Day 5 -7: it is varied for everyone, Adrienn determines the consumption of food and drinks in these two days, depending on the message of the spirit of the person. (It can be water, juice, milkshake, some solid food)

If possible, avoid using your phone, ipad or laptop during the Program.

If you feel the need, you can eat vegan meals a week before joining the program.

Meeting place:

Beautiful Finca Florita in Alhaurin de Grande, Andalusia. The farm is located in nature, in isolation, in a beautiful and beautiful environment. The energies that surround it are special and wonderful.

The maximum number of guests in the group is 10, staying in rooms with double beds.

Price includes :

  1. Seven full days of multiple meditation sessions.
  2. Light body birth ceremony with Adrienn
  3. Accommodation in double rooms for 6 nights (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday) if you need additional accommodation, inform us ..
  4. Guided meditations and personalized support, training, exercises and other programs.
  5. Talks organized by Adrienn.
  6. Educational brochure with all the information about the retreat.
  7. Individual coaching every day.
  8. Consumption of food and beverages according to the specified regime. (Fresh fruit will always be in stock and can be consumed as needed)


2100 euros

Date :

June 8-14, 2020

Registration requirements:

Minimum deposit of € 500 required to register.

Cancellation policy:

You can cancel your registration up to four weeks before the event. The deposit is non-refundable, but you can always transfer to another event.


Early booking price! Save 150 euros if you book 3 months before (valid until 06/28/2020 or until cancellation)

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Take advantage of this Retreat!

People who take this retreat manage to wake up or reactivate their connection with their Inner Being! In addition, they learn many practical techniques to live a healthier and much more active life!