Conscious Breathing WorkshopHindu Breathing Techniques

Learn to Breath Correctly

Hindu breathing techniques to develop the mind and body.


You will obtain greater peace of mind and will learn how to heal your physical body!

  • Improve concentration and memory!
  • Increase physical and mental vitality!
  • More general health and more logevity!
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A workshop course that will teach you breathing techniques of Indian origin to dissolve negative patterns stored in your subconscious mind, which in many cases, are the cause of physical illness or mental barriers that do not let you achieve the goals you set. This course will truly teach you to generate profound changes in your life!

This course of Conscious Breathing consists of ancient techniques of India that yogis use to develop the mind and increase their vital energy and longevity. In this course you will learn these techniques backed by scientific discoveries of the last 10 years, demonstrating that with the correct Breathing you can heal your body and strengthen your mind!

From this course you get the following:

  • Achieve peace of mind and tranquility permanently.
  • Improve concentration and memory.
  • Increase vitality and physical and mental energy.
  • Stay healthier and younger in the long run.
  • The opportunity to make a profound life change

This course includes the following:

  1. Talks organized from a scientific perspective
  2. Educational brochure with all the information of the course..
  3. All practices and exercises to share.
  4. Access to teaching material on our website..
  5. Certificate of Participation endorsed by DHRIM Spain.

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There is the possibility of organizing a workshop somewhere you know!

The workshop costs can be covered entirely by donations or partially covering direct costs ...

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The people who take this workshop feel very greatful because they learned very effective breathing techniques that truly helped them improve their physical and mental health; They got this results during the workshop!


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