Conscious Creation Workshop

A Wonderful weekend workshop in Valencia, Spain. To learn how to direct your creative energy in your daily life!


Conscious Creation Workshop, Valencia, Spain (25th-26th Jan. 2020)

A practical and beautiful 2 days workshop to actually give yourself that time to make a stop in your life and redefine what is that you want to do in your life and what are be obstacles you are facing, which some of them may be subconscious.

If you are looking for a drastic possitive change in your life, this workshop is for you! Here you will learn how overcome the negative subconscious patters and take a short cut to the goals you desire in all the areas of your life! This is not just theory, it is a very practical workshop!

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  • What the workshop includes? +

    All courses of the Foundation are organized with a similar scheme focused on the constructivist model, that is, that each course has an average of 70% of practice, dynamics, exercises, case studies, etc. that motivate participants to interact based on their past experiences and learning in the course.

    Courses are usually offered during a weekend, being able to be in a place away from the city or in the city . In case of being in a hostel or country house, accommodation and meals are provided. This will be explained in the same brochure of the specific course with their respective dates and places.

    All courses include the following:

    1. Talks organized from a scientific perspective.
    2. Educational brochure with all the information of the course.
    3. All the practices and exercises carried out to share.
    4. Access to teaching material on our website.
    5. Certificate of Participation endorsed by DHRIM Spain
  • What are the workshop schedules? +

    Generally, courses start on a Friday from 8pm to 10pm, continue on Saturday from 3pm to 7pm and on Sunday start at 9am ending the course at noon or in the afternoon.

    In the cases that the course is organized outside the city with accommodation and food included, starts on a Friday and ends Sunday at noon. Here are some activities with the nature of the place and other group dynamics.

    In some cases, the courses are given during the week, usually from 7pm to 10pm from Monday to Friday. This will be specified in the detail of each course.

    The courses are organized in modules and sections with dynamic content so that participants do not get bored or tired

  • Will I get a Certificate of Achievement? +

    Participation certificates will be given that can be included in the professional curriculum. These courses, while not endorsed by a university entity, meet the standards of 21 academic hours (15 effective hours) of teaching, which is what is generally required in some countries.

    These Courses are designed to be part of a university-level specialization program (Diploma or Master's)

    The certificate that is delivered is endorsed by DHRIM Spain, registered as a non-profit educational institution.

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This workshops helps you find the balance you need!

Take advantage of this wonderfull workshop! It will really help you understand how to improve your life and how you can help those people you know and care about them!

Facilitator: Theodora Van Dun


Theodora has a background in Cultural Anthropology, Theology, Spiritual Coaching and Mental Health Care, The Netherlands and the UK. She has been gathering knowledge and experience in the fields of spiritual rituals and retreats for 14 years. Walking her own path towards trust and comfort in life, she is now willing and able to help others do the same.

Contact Details

Name: Theodora Van Dun



+31 653 26 50 04

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Tetske Van Dun´s Blog!

CCC Facilitator: David Crespo


David has been in Delivering the Conscious Creation Workshops since 2004 as part of the organizational development programs in different countries, helping people understand the core important goals in their lives as well as teaching how to overcome obstacles in life.

Contact Details

Name: David Crespo Godoy



+591 780 33684

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skype: davidcrespo777

Take advantage of this Workshop!

People who take this workshop learn to understand how to organize and prioritize their major goals in life and create a joyful process to achieve them in their lives!



Our Mission

DHRIM foundation teaches people to reconnect with their Hearts having as a result a more harmonious, peaceful and joyful life in alignment with their true nature.


Our Values

Peace of mind, happiness and connection with our Being consolidates a life with positive values with a predisposition to share them with others!



The beneficiaries of the courses and retreats achieve greater peace, clarity in their spirituality, happier and more proactive to generate positive changes in their lives.


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