Conscious Life & Death ProcessA Practical Workshop

Learn from Life and Death

Tibetan knowledge and techniques about the living and dying process.


You will obtain a very clear picture of life and death cycle and what is the purpose of living.

  • We learn to connect with our Inner Self
  • Increase your awareness and consciousness
  • Understand how death process works and be prepared

The Conscious Death Process course combines a scientific approach based on clinical death studies and integrating oriental wisdom with practices that will help you transcend death and help others who need it. This course will truly teach you to generate profound changes in your life!

In this course we will try to answer what happens when we die ?. What are we? How does the fact that I am going to die affect me? What does the fact that I am going to transcend death mean to me?

To the extent that the practices learned in the course are carried out, the following benefits are achieved:

  • Interior Balance: Helps balance mental, emotional and physical bodies.
  • Greater State of Consciousness: A more receptive state of consciousness, of peace and unconditional love is generated.
  • Talks organized from a scientific perspective.
  • Reconciliation: It helps to reconcile with the process of life.
  • Wake up: The internal connection with God begins to be more intense and much more conscious.
  • Trust and Peace: Learn to face death with greater confidence, peace and wisdom.

The course includes:

  1. Educational brochure with all the information of the course.
  2. Certificate of Participation endorsed by DHRIM Spain
  3. All audio recordings of the practices carried out.
  4. Access to teaching material on our website.

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The people who take this workshop get to understand what happens when we die and make sense of the life purpose; also they learn meditation techniques to live a better life and reconnect with their True or Inner Self. We are spiritual beings living a human life!


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