The Enneagram Online Workshop

A Wonderful 7 weeks online workshop to learn about your personality and why people react in certain ways, using a very powerful tool called Enneagram!


The Enneagram Workshop (March 1st - April 12th 2022)

A beautiful 7-week practical online course, sharing knowledge of the Enneagram and learning much more about your personality and your relationships with others, discovering how to improve your life!

The Enneagram is a practical and dynamic tool that you can learn quickly and will help you to understand your behaviours much better and achieve greater harmony in your life!

The Enneagram Personality course covers the origins of this technique, scientific studies and how to start working with the Enneagram by doing a self-assessment of your personality, followed by various practices to better understand the wounds as a child, the different subtypes and to better understand the people we meet. In most cases, it is possible to understand why some people act in one way and others in another. Finally, the active dynamics of the Enneagram are put into practice in order to be able to continue advancing in self-knowledge and the development of interpersonal relationships with family members, work colleagues, friends, etc.

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What will you learn:

1.You will realize and learn how to transform subconscious mental barriers you have.

2. You will learn to cope with the stress generated by the incomprehension of people's behaviour that is now understandable.

3. You will be able to make better decisions in crisis situations in interpersonal relationships by becoming aware of the dynamics of the Enneagram.

4. You will deepen your understanding of personality behaviour in different situations, identifying unhealthy states of behaviour.

5. You will learn to identify the source of the fears of each personality type and how to help you and others overcome fears.

6. You will implement a practical self-development process in order to live a fuller and healthier life.

7. You will get to know yourself much better and learn to develop your intuitive intelligence.

Course Structure:

The course comprises 15 effective hours of online teaching subdivided into 7 modules that are taught over the course of 7 weeks. The teaching model is constructivist, allowing each participant to learn and perfect the techniques learnt, regardless of whether they are at a basic or intermediate level. 

Practices Learned:

We learn to use the Enneagram as a dynamic tool for personality development (See Syllabus) and meditation techniques for spiritual development and activation of the Consciousness of Being or Intuitive Intelligence. 

Course Teaching:

The course is designed for beginners and intermediate level and for all ages 14 years and older. It is aimed at people who want to learn how to create positive change in their lives. This course is for you if:

    You are motivated to learn.
    You are willing to reflect on your personality.
    You want to improve your life and your relationship with others.
    You are always looking for ways to develop or improve your life in all aspects

The teaching style is personalized, with constant guidance and correction of everyone in the practices learned, taking into account the individual needs of each participant in a safe and friendly environment.

The course is 50% theoretical and 50% practical, using case studies, individual and group practice and plenary to put into practice the key concepts of the Enneagram teaching.

Course Schedules:

The course starts on Tuesday 1st March 2022, for 7 weeks from 19:00-20:30hrs UK time. Every Tuesday.


To receive the certificate issued by DHRIM Foundation, participants are required to complete 80% of the course.


All course participants receive a certificate of course participation for 15 effective hours of learning, endorsed by DHRIM Foundation. This certificate is not valid for university credits. 

Requirements to participate in the Course:

Those interested in participating in the course must have the willingness to complete this course with the focus and dedication it requires. 

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The Investment for the course is € 120, which includes educational material and certificate issued by DHRIM Foundation.

EDP Facilitator: David Crespo


David learnt the Enneagram from the Jesuits in 2001 and since then has been investigating and learning more, giving workshops and providing business and personal coaching based on the Enneagram in his business consultancies! He thinks that the Enneagram is a very important knowledge that should be taught at schools!.

Contact Details

Name: David Crespo Godoy



+591 780 33684

Contact over Internet

skype: davidcrespo777

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An excellent course to learn all you need to know from the basics to an intermediate level!

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