Psicology of Chakras WorkshopAbout Energetic Vortexes in the Body

Learn to Manage Your Energy

Meditation techniques to purify and enhance energy centers in your body.


You will learn to manage your energy, avoid leaks and raise your energy level!

  • Release crystallized energies from the chakras in your body.
  • Reactivation of energy centers and healing of your body.
  • Awaken extrasensory and psychic abilities.

A practical course in 70%, learning meditation techniques and psychology techniques to work with each energy center of the body that each dominates certain psychological and physical aspects. With the techniques, negative aspects are stored in the form of crystallized energy in each chakra or energy center, which in many cases, are the cause of physical illness or mental barriers that do not allow you to achieve the goals you set for yourself. This course will truly teach you to generate profound changes in your life!

This course will also help you to awaken your consciousness more and develop the intuitive mind as well as start healing your body and boost your energy field in a more conscious way!

From this course you get the following:

  • Understand how the energy dynamics of your being works.
  • Promote the good energy flow of each energy center.
  • Learn to increase energy and avoid energy leaks.
  • Implement meditation techniques and mental purification practices.
  • The opportunity to make a profound life change.

This course includes the following:

  1. Talks organized from a scientific perspective.
  2. Educational brochure with all the information of the course.
  3. All practices and exercises to share.
  4. Access to teaching material on our website.
  5. Certificate of Participation endorsed by DHRIM Spain.

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