Angels WorkshopLearn How to Communicate & Work with Angels

Learn to Work with Angels

Knowledge and meditation techniques to contact angels and learn how to work with them.


You will develop your ability to feel and communicate with angels!

  • You learn how this universe works and angels can help you.
  • You will awaken more awareness to advance your spiritual path!
  • You will perform rituals with candles to work with different angels!

A workshop course that will teach you to work with angels by performing meditations and rituals of blessing, purification, consecration, etc., analyzing their origins in the Jewish religion and how science has been discovering the relationship of angels to the genome. human. Truly, a very interesting and useful course to follow a process of self-development!

This course demonstrates that with systematic work with the energetic qualities of angels, parts of our DNA that are inactive can be activated and thus generate very positive changes in our lives!

From this course you get the following:

  • Learn the basic characteristics of different archangels and angels.
  • Develop various meditation techniques with angels.
  • Know different rituals with angels to continue developing.
  • Start a more conscious spiritual path with the help of angels.
  • The opportunity to make a profound change in your life.

This course includes the following:

  1. Talks organized from a scientific perspective.
  2. Educational brochure with all the information of the course.
  3. All practices and exercises to share.
  4. Access to teaching material on our website.
  5. Certificate of Participation endorsed by DHRIM Spain.

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There is the possibility of organizing a workshop somewhere you know!

The workshop costs can be covered entirely by donations or partially covering direct costs ...

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Take advantage of this Course!

People who take this course manage to wake up the great angelic universe and learn very effective meditation techniques to work with angels and attract the magic of Light into their lives!


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