Meditation for Peace and Democracy of Bolivia!

October 25 to November 10, 2019

Take the opportunity to contribute your energy to the manifestation of peace, democracy, freedom, union, solidarity, love, integrity, humility, Faith, goodness, etc. for all Bolivians, for Bolivia!


Bolivia has been governed by Evo Morales since 2006 with 3 consecutive terms. Thanks to its election in 2006, Bolivia has achieved an economic boom and very positive changes in government services to the general population as well as greater access by the lower classes. On the other hand, over the years, the government has been degenerating with acts of corruption at all levels as well as the growth of drug trafficking, leading this government on a dictatorial path to perpetuate power, seeking a fourth illegitimate and fraudulent re-election. .

In a nutshell, a government that started very well in 2006 and over time was degrading and corrupting until it reached the great fraud of the October 2019 elections.!

People from all cities began to take to the streets with marches and peaceful protests that were added daily as more strong evidence of a total election fraud was revealed, in addition to the 21F referendum of 2016 where a vote of the people had already been carried out denying the current government a fourth term.

To the surprise of all Bolivians, the president responds to the protests and blockades of the population with blockades of road networks to prohibit the supply of food and supplies to the cities of Bolivia as well as inciting members of his political party to provoke acts of violence, which ended with the murder of two activists.

We have to understand that all this that happens in Bolivia is the effect of many causes added over the years, the product of the collective overconscious of all Bolivian citizens. That is to say, this situation that is presented is a great opportunity for the Bolivian population to heal, to release these obscurities and / or dense energy crystallizations of the collective subconscious and manage a positive change towards a better quality of life for everyone in general. < / p>

Taking this into account, we can affirm that Evo Morales and his cabinet, as well as the people who are abusing their authority, are learning tools for all Bolivians who, in response, are joining much more than before, are making a stop in their lives to see beyond their bubble, they are realizing how beautiful freedom is, democracy, the country of Bolivia, they realize the large number of people who care about the common good, Very few people indifferent and apathetic. Finally, there are many learnings and awakenings of consciousness thanks to this situation.

It is important to realize that if we carry out this process consciously, through meditation and prayer, we will be accelerating this process and also make it much more peaceful and synchronous. That is, we leave the resistance behind in the form of fears, anger, anger, anguish, sadness and we empower ourselves with conviction, with Faith, with peace, with happiness, with love radiating to the current situation, understanding that there is a peaceful solution and Perfect around the corner.

We are creative beings, we attract what we feel, therefore, logic tells us that if we meditate and pray with feelings of integrity, love, peace, uniqueness, solidarity, humility, conviction, etc. we will be dissolving in us and in the collective unconscious all those fears, anger, resentment, etc. thus achieving, attracting for Bolivia only what corresponds to us by divine right, a united Bolivia, in peace, solidarity, convinced in democratic life, freedom of expression, equal rights, etc.!

In the menu on the right you can download guided meditation audios to follow them as a reference and with practice, you can design your own form of meditation. Here the important thing is intention and feelings. We meditate until we manage to sustain the noblest feelings and we have dissolved the negative emotions. We recommend you watch the video about scientific studies that explain how meditation works to better understand all this!

To participate in group meditations on the internet, you can follow the following recommendations:

  • It is required to download a free application on your cell phone called "Zoom Cloud Meetings" that is used to connect to the meditation group through the internet. If you have an android phone, you download it from the Play Store, if it's Iphone, you download it from the Apple Store.
  • You can also communicate from a computer if you prefer.
  • After having the application installed, you have to register by entering an email.
  • You need an internet connection for your cell phone or computer. Approximately 20Mb at 30Mb of memory is consumed for a session of 40 to 50 minutes.
  • Then you look at the calls of the meditation groups at this link with the dates and times you prefer (see menu on the right), you click on the call you want to enter, the cell phone or computer will ask if you want to open the link with the application, accept and in a few seconds you will be in the virtual group.
  • After entering, activate your audio so you can listen and be heard.
  • Be on time, try to be in the group 5 minutes before you start !.

Take advantage of these meditations! Apart from learning, sharing, healing, contributing to social welfare, you will be raising awareness!