Meditation for a better Spain!

November 5 to 10, 2019

Take the opportunity to contribute your energy to the manifestation of a more united, peaceful Spain with a process of positive change for the benefit of all Spanish people!


On Sunday, November 10, 2019, general elections will be held in Spain. It will be the second general elections held in 2019, the second ones called for not having been able to form a Government, and the fourth in less than four years. They do not agree, maintaining the division, at the expense of the future of Spain as a nation that has no clear direction. The responsibility is shared among all Spaniards.

Meditation and prayer are a great tool when we use it in groups to achieve positive changes that go beyond our intellect. Let us meditate so that we can achieve unity, peace, cooperation, understanding in this election so that a better future can be seen for all Spaniards !.

We have to understand that the problems facing Spain today, is the effect of many causes added over the years, to a large extent, the product of the collective subconscious of all Spaniards who have not solved all the problems that were arising in its moment, causing over time this current situation in which the country's governance is most weakened. But this situation is a great opportunity for the Spanish population to release the dark and / or dense energy crystallizations of the collective subconscious and manage a positive change towards a better quality of life for everyone in general.

The Spanish political class in general is a reflection of the collective social consciousness of Spanish citizenship. It is the reflection of the collective unconscious and we can affirm that if a large part of the Spaniards become aware of this and work with ourselves, we can dissolve that political chaos much faster. The solutions to the problems of each sector will be elucidated in a clearer and more accurate way creating a favorable course for Spain. This is possible if we work consciously with ourselves and others through meditation as a technique, among many others.

It is important to realize that if we carry out this process consciously, through meditation and prayer, we will be accelerating this process of change as well as making it much more peaceful and synchronous. That is to say, we leave the resistance behind in the form of fears, anger, anger, anguish, sadness and we empower ourselves with conviction, with Faith, with peace, with happiness, with love radiating these emotions in our current life, understanding that we are creators and We attract what we feel.

We are creative beings, we attract what we feel, therefore, logic tells us that if we meditate and pray with feelings of integrity, love, peace, uniqueness, solidarity, humility, conviction, etc. we will be dissolving from the collective unconscious all those fears, anger, resentment, etc. thus achieving, attracting for Spain only what corresponds to us by divine right, a Spain with better working conditions, dignity, peace, greater health access and business opportunities for the lower social classes, etc.!

In the menu on the right you can download guided meditation audios to follow them as a reference and with practice, you can design your own form of meditation. Here the important thing is intention and feelings. We meditate until we manage to sustain the noblest feelings and we have dissolved the negative emotions. We recommend you watch the video about scientific studies that explain how meditation works to better understand all this!

To participate in group meditations on the internet, you can follow the following recommendations:

  • It is required to download a free application on your mobile called "Zoom Cloud Meetings" that is used to connect to the meditation group through the internet. If you have an android phone, you download it from the Play Store, if it's Iphone, you download it from the Apple Store.
  • You can also communicate from a computer if you prefer.
  • After having the application installed, you have to register by entering an email.
  • You need an internet connection for your cell phone or computer. Approximately 20Mb at 30Mb of memory is consumed for a session of 40 to 50 minutes.
  • Then you look at the calls of the meditation groups at this link with the dates and times you prefer (see menu on the right), you click on the call you want to enter, the cell phone or computer will ask if you want to open the link with the application, accept and in a few seconds you will be in the virtual group.
  • After entering, activate your audio so you can listen and be heard.
  • Be on time, try to be in the group 5 minutes before you start !.

Take advantage of these meditations! Apart from learning, sharing, healing, contributing to social welfare, you will be raising awareness!

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