Participants who join for the first time to our online retreats are surprised as it has been proven by many that they can benefit almost as if you were present with us. By attending online you are saving time travel and transportation money.



Online Meditation and Yoga Retreat (Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th July 2020)

Welcome to the online platform for this weekend Meditation and Yoga retreat!.

The objective of this weekend retreat program is to provide a broad panorama of meditation and yoga for those who want to start a more conscious spiritual life by learning different basic techniques to listen to the body, our intuition and stay healthy. We will also do basic Yoga postures that allows us to unravel the old tension and the memory trapped in the body. Yoga is also the science of breath control, through awareness and breathing exercises we improve our lung capacity and slow down our breathing, something vital for higher levels of meditation.

This material we have available is divided into 3 segments: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In each day, there is the support material (presentations, readings, videos, audios) for the practices of the sessions we have (2 sessions in the morning and one in the afternoon).

This retreat is given only in English.

For any questions during about retreat you can write via WhatsApp at +34 660 391 600 and/or by phone to +34 642 064 014.

Enjoy and take advantage of this beautiful retreat!

Hugs of Light for everyone!

DHRIMf, Meditation, Retreat, Yoga 3 lessons 12.95 hours Intermediate