• Why retreats are a good option? +

    We are spiritual beings living a human life with subconscious limitations, seeking happiness, well-being and peace with high levels of consciousness. In general, the human being has the tendency to look for this, to be happy.

    However, in life, it is difficult for many to learn to cope well with all types of problems or difficulties that arise, causing in many cases that diseases occur.

    These 10-day meditation retreats are designed so that people can depart from their lives for this short time and learn meditation techniques that they can then use in daily life and undertake a style or way of life that will lead them to be happier.

    Another benefit of the retreat is that the participants manage to experience for themselves their spirituality, their divinity; They realize that they are more than a physical body. This is an awakening in consciousness that few do in their lives.

  • What is provided on the Retreats? +

    The Foundation retreats are organized with a similar scheme that takes the participant from a very basic position, practically without previous knowledge, to an intermediate or advanced state in 10 days. In the case of people who have previous experience, they are asked to perform more advanced practices, ending the retreat very motivated because they get to learn much more. This motivates them to repeat a retreat and continue learning!

    Withdrawals are usually offered starting on a Friday, in a secluded place in the city. Accommodation and meals are provided. This will be explained in the same specific retirement booklet with their respective dates and places.

    All withdrawals include the following:

    1. 9 full days of multiple meditation sessions.
    2. 10 days of accommodation. Guided meditations and personalized support.
    3. Talks organized from a scientific perspective.
    4. Homemade vegetarian or vegan meals.
    5. < li> Individual coaching every day.
    6. Follow up one month after the end of the retreat.
    7. All audio recordings of the retreat.
    8. Access to didactic material on our website.
    9. Certificate of Participation endorsed by DHRIM Spain
  • What are the retreat schedules? +

    Generally, withdrawals begin on Friday at 6pm and continue until Monday of the following week, ending the withdrawal in the morning.

    In some cases, participants are allowed to finish on Sunday to be able to restart your normal activities on Monday.

    Depending on the type of withdrawal, more demanding or relaxed schedules are maintained. In the case of the Meditation Retreat and Vipassana, you can see the schedules in the guide of these retreats, starting at 4 in the morning with several meditation sessions throughout the day until 9 at night. They go to bed and get up early. This is because it was scientifically proven that the best use of sleep is between 10pm to 4am.

    In the case of the retreat of meditation of the Spiritual Heart, the schedule is a bit more relaxed, starting at 7am and ending at 9pm.

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