Online Vipassana Meditation Retreat!

Take the opportunity to make a Vipassana retreat from your home or wherever you want! You have at your disposal audios, videos, texts, books, real-time participation to all meditation sessions and interviews with the instructor!


Many people who did a Vipassana retreat, for sure, would like to participate in another retreat but the opportunity is hard to find, considering that you have to wait for the retreat to take place in a nearby place and/or ensure you get accepted and there is room for your participation. For these reasons, among others, the DHRIM Foundation offers the opportunity to participate online in real time by following the instructions as if you were in the retreat!

You just need to organize! Contact us so we can give you the guidelines and you can virtually join into one of our retreats!

Requirements to Participate in a Vipassana Virtual Retreat:

  • Having previously made a 10-day Vipassana retreat.
  • Have an internet connection on your mobile or computer.
  • Have a mobile or computer.
  • Having installed the video conference application and know how to use it.
  • Have 10 days exclusively to devote to meditation.
  • Have access to a kitchen to prepare meals yourself.
  • Avoid contact with other people who are not meditating.
  • Be willing to follow the recommendations explained in the retreat guide.

In this virtual vipassana retreat, participants:

  1. They will have a specific place to meditate where they decide to do the retreat.
  2. All meditation sessions will be online as much as possible.
  3. Will participate in interviews with the instructor.
  4. Will be able to post their questions via chat.
  5. Will be able to interact with the other participants on ninth day.

This retreat includes the following:

  1. 9 full days of multiple meditation sessions.
  2. Guided meditations and personalized support.
  3. Talks organized from a scientific perspective.
  4. Basic Yoga exercises (for beginners).
  5. Educational brochure with all the information about the retreat.
  6. Individual coaching every day.
  7. The opportunity to make a profound life change.
  8. All audio recordings for the retreat.

To register, on the right side menu, select and read the retreat guidelies, then download the registration form, fill it out and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating that you want to make a virtual retreat from your home or other place where you have the conditions to do it. We will get in touch with you to help you organize yourself

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There is the possibility of organizing a retreat somewhere you know!

The retreat can be covered entirely by donations or partially covering direct costs ...

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Take advantage of this Vipassana Retreat!

People who take this retreat really learn to meditate very well, they can really experience several benefits on the seventh day. Many manage to wake up or reactivate their connection with their Inner Being!


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